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bedrock-YOGAIt all began in 2008 when a friend gifted Elizabeth Bailey a free class pass to Yoga Connection and Elizabeth began practicing yoga in “fits and starts.” She came to realize that her job in management at a theatre equipment rental company wasn’t giving her what she needed. Yoga first began for her as physical relaxation but, “I didn’t think I’d be flexible enough as a runner to do yoga.” She proved herself wrong and realized the peace she’d been searching for she had found in yoga class.

By practicing more regularly she began to deepen her practice and experience the benefit of self-compassion. “I found I was slowing down my life. It’s so easy to be unkind to ourselves. All that talk in our heads gets in the way. With yoga, I could be in the moment.” She found that this benefit was lasting, it helped her to not worry about the little things. But it was a serious back injury that led her to yoga full-time. “When I finally went back to class after healing from my injury, I was very hesitant and in pain. I worked with my teacher and she helped me ease back in with a lot of alternate poses, but when I left that class, it was the first time I had been pain free since the injury. That class literally changed my life.” Elizabeth decided then that she wanted to change her life focus towards yoga full-time. She began a year long yoga training with Health Advantage Yoga. The experience was amazing, but a lot to learn. “The anatomy and the philosophy of yoga, the guidance our teachers offered us, they worked hard to make it very accessible.” Had she not had a personal practice for nearly a decade before starting Bedrock, Elizabeth said she wouldn’t have found the confidence to start a studio.

“We have very small classes as our our space is small but that works to our advantage. You won’t get lost in a sea of Yoga Journal models here.” She describes her teachers as accessible and adds that, “we physically represent everyone.” Bedrock’s session based syllabus is another plus. “We want students to have a good grasp of the basic, simple poses so they have a grounding. Then they can either move up to another level or be able to drop in on other classes.” Bedrock also tailors classes to those who sit in long commutes and at desks. For those who are curvy, the studio offers an accessible place to start so, “you won’t be the lone bigger person in the class.” The Gentle Yoga class helps students ease back into yoga after an injury or long period of inactivity, and Yoga for Life helps keep elders moving, assists with balance, and improves range of motion.

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