Beloved Yoga

Beloved Yoga
Maryam Ovissi came to yoga through a friend. “I was just taking lessons from her to support her.” It was in a home studio as she was just starting out. “I was in plow (position) and I thought to myself, what is this yoga stuff all about?” Seventeen years later, Maryam still finds that friendship on the mat.

The owner of Beloved Yoga in Reston and Great Falls has students from every level of practice and ability. She advises absolute beginners to, “Find a safe space and well educated teachers. At our studio, we encourage new students to take three, one on one Beginners private classes or consider our semi-private (small group) Intro to Yoga series.”

Before opening Beloved, Ovissi worked with a partner teacher, Odisa Walker who had a simple idea: why not open a yoga studio in Reston? “For days I thought about this and then I approached her and said let’s do it,” says Maryam. They founded Beloved together but a few years ago Walker moved to California where she continues to teach on her own.

Just speaking with Maryam one gets the sense that she is not only tuned into her spirituality but deeply committed to building an inclusive community around the studio. She describes yoga practice as something that should “be accessible, adaptable and personalized.” She strives to keep her classes this way so her studio offers a variety of options. “All our classes are taught in a way that allows space for people to honor themselves with options for all types of practitioners.” Beloved also offers Yoga Therapy and Yoga for Trauma, Addictions, and Recovery.

Beloved Yoga welcomes any person who wants to “find their peace and remember their wholeness.” For Maryam, the physical part of yoga is just as important as the spiritual. “Spirituality is not an option. Religion is optional. Spirituality is a part of life. Seeking peace is a spiritual practice.”

Beloved Yoga

Beloved Yoga – Reston Studio:
12001 Sunrise Valley Drive
Reston, VA 20191

Beloved Yoga – Great Falls Studio:
1137 Walker Road #4
Great Falls, VA

703-860-YOGA (9642)